About Crites Construction, Inc.

Crites Construction, Inc. is a West Virginia-based general contractor with over 75 years combined experience in commercial and residential buildings including both new and existing structures. Located on Old Turnpike Road (South) just out of Sutton, WV. The Company is licensed in various classifications including general building, residential, HVAC, electrical, piping, plumbing, excavation, landscaping, and concrete. The Company employs two licensed plumbers that are also certified backflow prevention testers.

Crites Construction, Inc. handles all details of every job, but is willing to do sub-contract work in the fields in which they are licensed.

OFFICERS: Danny Lee Crites, President • Lana A. Crites, Secretary & Treasurer • Timothy L. Crites, Project Manager

COMPANY GOALS: The Company strives for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction by employing a local, stable, core work force. The Company endeavors to timely complete projects with as little as possible disruption to customers’ ongoing business operations (or living arrangements). The Company promotes a working environment that conforms to safety standards as well as all local, state and federal codes and regulations, ensuring the safety of all individuals. The Company supports local business, where possible and feasible, by purchasing materials locally. The Company has a community spirit that leads to supporting children through the schools and through community sports.

PRESIDENT’S BACKGROUND: Danny Lee Crites is the President of Crites Construction, Inc., with an added interest in its ongoing operations by having 51% ownership in the Company's stock. Danny was born in 1954, graduated from Braxton County High School in 1973, and except for a short employment in Ohio, has lived and worked in construction in West Virginia all of his life. Danny has well over 50 years of experience, starting as a young boy, and whose father (Leroy Crites) worked in the construction industry for over 40 years and instilled in Danny a desire to provide quality workmanship and customer satisfaction and to take pride in a job well done. He has been President of Crites Construction, Inc. since its inception in 1987. From 1979-1987 he was President and 50% owner of Crites and Davis Construction, Inc., Sutton, WV (which dissolved in 1987 with no losses to creditors).

PROJECT MANAGER’S BACKGROUND: Timothy L. Crites is the project manager for Crites Construction, Inc. He was born in 1974, graduated from Braxton County High School in 1993 and has lived and worked in the construction industry in WV all his life. He started working with his father in the summer of 1990. He is on the Board of Directors for the company and has a strong commitment to quality workmanship, seeing projects completed in a timely manner, and ensuring safety standards on all projects. He has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry

COMPANY PROJECTS: Crites Construction, Inc. has been the general contractor and/or manager of 99% of the projects it has worked on, with the Company doing 90% of the work and sub-contracting 10% of the work. All projects are completed meeting all Federal, State, and Local codes. The Company has built 33 new Go-Mart Convenience Stores from the site preparation to the completion of the stores.